President’s Message

Embodied in the culture of EO, is the deep rooted understanding that the entrepreneurial journey is very much a holistic continuum. 

Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve experienced the “extremes” in business cycles and the psychological challenge that comes from those swings. In my own private Idaho, I frequently felt isolated from the people I most cared about in my life, unable to share my concerns. Leadership could feel like the loneliest place on earth. Sometimes, even when a success was at hand, I felt like I was faking it. 

As trust is created between members in EO, experience sharing can truly begin. This benefits each entrepreneur’s performance as it opens each up to the fact that although the entrepreneur is unique, their experiences generally are not.  EO throws light upon that fact that the ups and downs and wins and losses are pretty much a continuous part of the deal, for all of us.  

I joined EO thinking that I might learn something about business and leadership. I did.  But mostly that family, the individual, and the business,  present us with different facets to manage along the path of entrepreneurship. Get out of sync or exclude focus on any one facet and it will certainly affect our performance. 

EO for me has been about about a foundation of health in living that serves me as I take on challenges in business. My business would not be anywhere near the position that it is in today without both the support of my EO peers, but also the deep learning that I’ve had along the path that EO presents as standard practice.



Tom Benson, President
Owner Wildplay Parks