EO Catalyst

Catalyst is EOVI’s “farm team”. Catalyst provides support and guidance for entrepreneurs as they build their businesses to $1M+ revenue.

Catalyst, like EO, encourages balanced success in business, personal and family life. Catalyst businesses are diverse. There is no shortage of fresh innovation and perspective. But one thing we all have in common is an entrepreneurial spirit.

Vision 2023

It’s June 2023 and the EOVI Catalyst program has 25 Entrepreneurs under $1 million in revenue who are seeking to learn and grow.  This year we had 3 Catalyst members graduate to EOVI and they’re excited to stretch their wings further.  Way to rock-it graduates!   EOVI Catalyst is becoming known as the best program on the island to connect to the wider world of entrepreneurs and launch your business past the $1 million mark.   Every Catalyst member is paired with a mentor, usually EOVI members, and the whole crew is using the EOS Traction framework in their businesses.  The EOS common language and mutual support is a wind in everyone’s sails.  In September Catalyst held their retreat on kayaks in the Broken Island Group and hosted Verne Harnish, who float-planed in, for a powerful afternoon session on the beach.  This year the Catalyst learning program will build on Scaling Up and EOS specific presentations every other month from EOVI members and select invites from the community in addition to the several chapter events that Catalyst is invited to.  A recent Catalyst member survey suggests overwhelming agreement that what they are receiving from the program is essential to their growth and success.

What to expect?

Catalyst members are growth-oriented business builders. Some of the key membership components are outlined below.

Forum participation

Catalyst provides a local peer group, the Forum, intended to help members achieve their highest potential and manage their toughest challenges.

Objective:  To afford small business owners who meet all EO membership criteria but operate companies between $350,000 and $1M in revenue an opportunity to participate in an EO like setting.

The Forum is much more powerful than a typical networking group; this is a strong peer group of entrepreneurs just like you who do openly share in a safe environment. The intent is to ferret out and focus on the “5%” issues i.e. the extreme highs and extreme lows that only another entrepreneur would truly understand, appreciate, empathize and be able to help with

> Sample Meeting Agenda

Mentorship Opportunities

Being part of Catalyst means that you have access to an EO mentor which can be a very powerful learning opportunity.

EO is a tight, supportive and helpful global community of fellow entrepreneurs. Catalyst members can leverage their association with EO both informally and through formal mentor relationships with successful entrepreneurs/EO members. Catalyst members are paired with EO mentors. The Catalyst member presents their plans to grow their business and their challenges. The EO member provides insights, direct advice and introductions. The Catalyst member is accountable for completing actions agreed to with their mentor.

Learning Events

Catalyst members are entitled to attend up to four EO learning events each year. Plenty of other informal events are also available to members.  These are very high quality events; a combination of fun/social events with world-class speakers.

Catalyst also brings in local guest speakers of its own to provide tactical skills training in all areas of business management and operations.

Costs and Consideration

If you are interested in becoming a Catalyst member please complete the form below. There are two intake sessions per year where you can get additional information.

Once we have received your submission we will review your application with the rest of the group to see if you meet the criteria and if there are any conflicts (such as sector overlap) that might prevent open sharing. Assuming you meet all criteria you will be invited to an informal meeting, usually at the end of a meeting, where you can meet current members and ask any questions you may have. This will be an opportunity for the group to meet you in person as well.

The annual due (2020-2021) for a Catalyst member is $1,500.  (Same fiscal year cycle as membership dues).

Join Catalyst and take your business to the next level.

Please download the PDF so you can save your answers and then email your application to the Catalyst membership representative for initial review.

Complete the application today!