How An Entrepreneur Thrives During Uncertain Times

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Wednesday July 15th | 10:30am | Zoom

As an entrepreneur, you know that living in a world of uncertainty is a constant; it’s the life you chose when you started your own business. But it’s how you choose to transform the uncertainty that will help you thrive in these unprecedented times.

Join Dan Sullivan, founder and creator of The Strategic Coach, on July 15 for a live virtual event, where he’ll share his latest thinking about the global pandemic and what entrepreneurs, like you, must do to win through this upheaval.

At the event, you’ll:

Learn how to transform your business, even in uncertain and scary times
The importance of maintaining a growth mindset to thrive and pivot in these times.
Walk through one of Dan’s newest tools for anyone doubting their ability to create value in uncertain times
Discover new strategies on how to keep your key relationships strong in order to help you prevail in the future
Walk away with actionable steps to implement into your own business

Now is the time to make changes in your business to in order to thrive in these uncertain times.

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