Learning to Dance: the realities of re-opening and operating presented by EO Vancouver Island

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Hear the experience of leading Entrepreneurs who are grappling with the complexities of our changing business environment. How can social distancing be made practical in business that are build on close personal and relationship.

Format: online moderated panel discussion with Q&A. 4×12 minute presentations, 15 minutes moderated discussion, 15 minutes Q&A.

Moderator: Dr. Chris Watt Medical Director at Integra Medical Assessment Services

Health perspective: Tim Lambert PhD epidemiologist and ED of Health Protection Branch for Island Health. Risks and best practices.

Personal services work: Share from Physiotherapist Stefan Fletcher CEO of RebalanceMD on measures they have taken to reopen in the healthcare space.

Tourism: Share from Paul Nursey CEO of Destinations Greater Victoria on the challenges facing Victoria’s 2nd largest industry as it struggles with the stark loss of customers.

Office work: Christine Lintott Principal of Christine Lintott Architects Inc. The changes in office culture and design.

Moderated Q&A: The nitty gritty of making people be and feel safe.

Complexity of leading people in pioneering times.

Register for event HERE June 19th @ 7pm

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