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Connect with Vancouver Island’s Most Influential Community of Entrepreneurs

What is EO?

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global non-profit organization exclusively for entrepreneurs. Its members are owners of companies that have annual sales over $1 million USD.  EO’s purpose is to educate, and support these entrepreneurs to succeed. Through a cycle of peer-to-peer networking, world-class learning events, and monthly forum meetings, EO members form powerful bonds to a trusted community of supportive peers.  Their focus on business growth, personal development and community connection is the recipe that has formed the Island’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.

Why Partner with EOVI?

EO’s Strategic Alliance Partners have a unique opportunity to access many of our member benefits.  Our partners get access to the world-class learning events and social functions in order to further their own learning and growth. More importantly, our chapter Partners are offered the opportunity to develop direct relationships with Vancouver Island’s top entrepreneurial leaders and business owners.  As a prominent supporter of these industry leaders, Strategic Partners can invest a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and develop long-term relationships with key decision-makers of firms that can benefit from their expertise, products or services. Due to EO’s membership criteria, Strategic Alliance Partners see the EO audience they are reaching as a highly targeted opportunity.  Our Strategic Partner relationships grow well beyond a banner and a logo on an email. Our partners have realized personal relationships, trust, mutual growth and, of course, a return on investment.

Key Sponsor Benefits

Event Attendance: EO offers a number of annual flagship events. Depending on the sponsorship level, sponsors can choose how they use their ticket allocation each year and which events they would like to attend.

Host Events: If a sponsor hosts an event for EO at their cost then they have a much better chance of brand recognition and promotion in a focused environment. This is a privilege that must have the Learning Chair approval.

Exclusivity: A sponsor that earns exclusivity means that no industry competitor may sponsor EO for that financial year.

Banner: A banner supplied by you will be at the registration desk for all events.

Website:  Sponsors may have a logo, link and offer on the EO Vancouver Island website.

Opportunity to invite members to events outside of the EO calendar:  If a sponsor is having their own learning or social event then it may be promoted to members so that they can attend. This needs to be approved by both the sponsorship and communication chairs.

EO member testimonial at EO learning event: An EO Member is able to spotlight a sponsor activity in the EO newsletter.

Chapter Newsletter Promotion: The EO Update is sent every month. Sponsors may appear in the newsletter and promote their events or special member offers. This must fit within the framework and be approved by the communications chair. All content must be written and provided by the sponsor.

Public recognition and acknowledgement: At events, depending on sponsor status, sponsors will be recognized by the master of ceremonies.

Sponsor Badges: All sponsors will be given their own membership style badge recognizing them as part of the EO community.

Scheduled meetings with Sponsorship Chair: Regular Sponsorship chair meetings are encouraged to ensure maximum value and agreed commitments are being reached.

Access to Key Executive Forum: Experience-share and learn among peers, in the same format as our EO member forums.

Strategic Alliance Partner Benefits